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Authentic Char Siu Recipe

It is featured not only by the yummy taste but also the light red colorin chinese char siu is meaning roasted pork on certain of fork.

Authentic char siu recipe. This is real deal char siu using obscure chinese ingredients that youll buy once and may possibly use only once from grocers where the shop owner may not understand you fret not well run the chinese name of ingredients alongside. Char siu pork char siu or chinese bbq pork is one of the most popular pork recipes in cantonese cooking. This is an authentic recipe that tastes like cantonese restaurants in chinatown. Traditionally this dish would be served up sliced over rice with a side of steamed greens but you can also serve with noodles or in steamed buns.

This char siu pork recipe from 2014 masterchef winner ping coombes is a chinatown favourite. In traditional cantonese restaurants the. The meat is then glazed and roasted using the marinade which is the most important ingredient in. Make authentic chinatown char siu at home with our restaurant quality recipe.

This recipe is not intended to be a casual quick dinner option assembled from whats available in your pantry. However this might not be feasible for most home cooks. The best char siu recipe with perfect cantonese bbq char siu pork and sweet char siu sauce. Cover and store the reserved marinade in the fridge as well.

The authentic char siu recipe requires to hook up the pork and cooked over charcoals. This authentic char siu recipe will give you excellent results that are even better than buying them from the shop. Authentic char siu recipe uses particular pork cuts marinated with a mixture of sauces condiments and aromatics. This char siu recipe is a classic cantonese comfort food that will give you sweet savory and succulent pieces of oven roasted pork at homeyou dont even need red food coloring to replicate the bold red shades of pork.

Dont forget to read our. Char siu or chinese bbq pork is a delicious cantonese roast meat. Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours. Char siu pork recipe chinese bbq pork huy vu 12821 jump to recipe.

We need a method suitable for most households with a result tastes just light the store bought char siu.